Tuesday, September 3, 2013

9/3/13 10:00 am: Druid Complex Tuesday update

Tuesday, September 3, 2013 – 9:00 a.m.

Rain soaked the southern tier of Yellowstone Park Monday midday.  Slow-moving blanket-shaped clouds left about 1/3 inch of rain across the Alum fire, northwest of Fishing Bridge.  That fire had shown more heat Sunday than in the past week.  Now its growth has been slowed for another week or so by Monday’s rain.  Many overlooks and picnic areas reopen during the day Tuesday along Grand Loop Road between Fishing Bridge and the Mud Volcano area.  Only one two-mile “no stopping” section remains between Nez Perce Ford and LeHardy Rapids.

Less precipitation fell in the northern reaches of the park, where the Druid fire soaked up only 1/10 inch.  Still, Tuesday morning saw dense fog about sunrise in low areas, as the ground gives up some of its extravagant moisture.  The Druid is more likely to show smoke in coming days than are the other five lightning fires that have been smoldering in the park.

Rain measurements got confounded for a few hours Monday morning. A bison rubbed and tipped the rain can of the “RAWS” remote access weather station in Hayden Valley.  Firefighters depend on RAWS measurements when they predict fire spread.  A National Weather Service meteorologist assigned to the Druid Complex recalibrated the instrument.  As some rain remains in the forecast, fire behavior analysts saw both sides Monday: “We may be out of the woods, and we may not,” regarding extensive further spread of the Alum fire.  Either way, the Alum fire is refreshing the lodgepole pine forest landscape.

Tuesday should be partly cloudy in the morning, with a stray thunderstorm in the afternoon.  Humidity will stay high at 35% or more, depending on how much sunshine appears.  Wednesday begins a drier trend once more.  126 remaining fire personnel are supporting hand rehabilitation of the indirect fireline that they improved in developed areas near the Grand Loop Road.  Fire staffing goes up and down based on potential fire activity.

Additional information can be found on the web at:
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