Saturday, September 7, 2013

9/7/2013 9:00 am: fire update

Last update unless significant fire activity occurs 

Saturday, September 7 to End of Season, 2013 – 9:00 a.m. 

Yellowstone National Park currently has six active fires burning.  The Druid Fire in the northeast near Lamar, the Alum and Calderon near the Fishing Bridge, the Alder Fire on the Promontory at the south end of Yellowstone Lake, and the Snake and Passage Fires near the south boundary of the Park.  All of these fires are being managed jointly as the Druid Complex. 

The Alum Fire is still smoldering in close proximity to the Grand Loop Road corridor between the Mud Volcano site and the Fishing Bridge.  Small amounts of smoke from the fire are visible intermittently from the Mud Volcano area.  All these fires will likely continue to smolder in the down fuels until a season ending event involving significant rain or snowfall.  For public safety, the Park/Incident are maintaining the closure of the west-side highway pullouts designated by orange cones between Nez Perce Ford and LeHardy’s Rapids. 

Fire activity remains light on all fires with visible smoke also being reported on the Alder and Druid fires.  The campsites on the west-side of Promontory Point have been cleared of charred snags but the general area still has potential fire activity and will remain closed.  The campsites (5L8, 5L9) on the northeast portion of Promontory point were opened yesterday. 

An aerial reconnaissance flight planned for yesterday was postponed due to weather and is being planned for late this morning if weather permits.  Still of special concern will be the Druid fire which has smoke visible when traveling easterly on Highway 212 from Tower Junction towards Lamar Ranch.


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