Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday, September 5, 2013 – 9:00 a.m.

The last several days have brought cool, moist and stable conditions to the Druid Complex in Yellowstone National Park.  Most of the 6 widely scattered fires on the complex, all lightning starts, have benefitted from rains in the afternoon and evening periods as well as early morning fog. The fires have been so subdued that little smoke has been showing and visitors have been enjoying clear visibility with spectacular cloud formations highlighting the park’s classic landscape and wildlife views.

The firefighting force has dropped to 35 as conditions continue to improve.  Firefighters will work today in the Alder fire area on Lake Yellowstone’s Promontory Peninsula. That means good news for late-season campers. They will be clearing three area campgrounds of ‘snags,’ dangerous burned or partially burned trees. When the work is complete the park will be free to set a date to open them to the public.

Crews will be removing the portions of the ‘plumbing’ for sprinklers that were installed earlier when the fire was much more active. On-site inspections will be made on the Alum Fire near the Mud Volcano area to determine the exact position of the fire in relation to Highway 89.

The weather patterns for today are showing scattered showers and lightning storms tracking from the south/southwest in a northeasterly direction.  These storms are moving very quickly and can produce lots of lighting and possibly hail.

Please be safe and return to your vehicle or get inside a building when weather moves in and thunder storms and lightening appear.  If you are caught outdoors, find a low spot away from tall trees and crouch (do not lie) on the ground, making yourself the smallest target possible. 

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