Thursday, August 29, 2013

3/29/2013, 4:00pm: Druid Complex Rehabilitation Plan, and more afternoon updates

Fire destroys and fire heals; fire burns and fire renews. Fire is absolutely necessary for a healthy Yellowstone National Park, and it's important to land managers to make sure that the landscape's rebirth progresses quickly.

Druid Complex fire managers are working on a rehabilitation plan for areas impacted by the Alum fire and firefighting operations. The plan is designed to help return these landscapes to their natural state.

Other updates from the Druid Complex:

  • Fire activity is minimal again today. Crews continue to remove debris from the indirect fireline constructed behind the Lake government housing area.
  • A lookout on Mount Sheridan is keeping an eye on the Snake, Passage, and Alder fires. The Alder fire is retaining some heat, but not showing much movement.

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