Monday, August 26, 2013

8/26/13, 11:30am: Smoke Information for Yellowstone National Park visitors

We've received a couple of questions and comments about air quality in the park. We addressed the issue yesterday in our post here; we'll continue to talk about air quality as long as we're getting questions and the fires are burning.

Right now, the air quality in the park is really good. There is one area of Highway 98 (between Hayden Valley and Fishing Bridge) where the smoke from the Alum fire sits a little bit. You can see it (and smell it!) as you drive through. We haven't received any complaints, or heard of any medical issues related to the smoke. From where we sit at our incident command post, the skies are clear, with a couple of puffy rain clouds in the distance.

We've posted a few air quality links that you can check if you're the kind of person who likes data. On the right side of the blog, under "Smoke Information," we've linked to various air monitoring stations around the park, as well as national weather and air quality information.

As always, you can email or call if you've got questions.

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