Wednesday, August 28, 2013

8/28/13, 12:15pm: Weather conditions and fire behavior changing during the new few days

During the next 2-4 days, fire managers expect the weather to be warmer and drier, with lower relative humidity and higher temperature. We've received reports of single tree-torching on the Alum fire, seen from the Mud Volcano area. We also expect to see slightly increased fire behavior during the next couple of days and through Labor Day weekend.

What does this mean for you if you're visiting Yellowstone National Park? Possibly nothing--we expect most roads to remain open, the skies to remain relatively free of smoke, and the landscapes and geysers to be just as breathtaking as they always are.

It IS possible that a section of the Grand Loop Road will close occasionally between Hayden Valley and the Lake area if the Alum fire reaches the road and debris impacts or threatens to impact the road. Rangers & fire managers will be paying close attention to fire movement, so prepare for temporary delays as the fire nears the road. Every effort will be made to keep the road open.

Be heads-up and fire aware, and pay attention to road signage and direction from rangers. Have a great trip!

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