Friday, August 23, 2013

8/23/2013, 1:00: Druid Complex Fire Update

Alum Fire:

Crews are continuing to prepare a fuel break under the powerline west of Lake Village. They will begin removing that material this afternoon or tomorrow. The line is being prepared in case there is a need to conduct a burnout to stop the fire.

Crews have scouted and are constructing contingency line thats stretches from west of Bridge Bay to the burn scar of the 2009 Arnica Fire.  This line is being prepared in case the fire spreads to the south.

Alder Fire:

Four members of a Rocky Mountain Fire Module are working on structure protection on Peale Island in case the Alder Fire becomes more active.

Druid Fire:

Fire managers are planning to fly over the Druid Fire today where three lookouts have been maintaining a watchful eye on the fire’s activity. Viewing the fire from above allows fire managers to see the fire’s progress, and particularly what impact the recent rains may have had on the fire.

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