Thursday, August 29, 2013

8/29/13, 4:40pm: Caldron Fire poses no threat to Yellowstone visitors

Caldron fire, lit by lightning just before 3 pm 8/29 - photo Marie Phillips
Yellowstone National Park firefighters confirmed a small fire east of Mud Volcano and the Yellowstone River.

The Caldron Fire is in the Yellowstone backcountry and poses no threat or impact to visitors, although it can be seen from the Mud Volcano area.  The name comes from the nearby Sulphur Caldron, which is not spelled "cauldron."

The Caldron Fire is burning in heavy, lodgepole timber half a mile to the east of the Yellowstone River between the Sulphur (2001) and LeHardy (2008) fire scars.  It will be managed under a monitoring and point-protection strategy as part of the Druid Complex, which now includes all six fires burning in the Park.  Activity on the fire is currently light, but it does have good potential to move in a northeast direction if a drying trend occurs.  Managers will frequently reassess any potential need to close any trails or campsites in the wilderness areas near the fire.  Please remember: Yellowstone Fire Danger is Very High. 

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